Health and Safety

DRI's Health and Safety Mission Statement

We consider our people as the most valuable assets, and we believe that all incidents and accidents are preventable, supported with DRI’s Safety Principles and Lifesaving Rules. We use a caring, coaching and collaborative approach to eliminate risk. All employees including our sub-contractors are expected to take these principles and lifesaving rules to their hearts and minds.

Our Principles

  • Everyone has a responsibility to themselves and others to act and work safely.
  • We carefully plan our work to prevent unsafe situations.
  • We will always look after one another because we care.
  • We believe in a culture where people are expected to be open and honest.
  • We expect our contractors to confirm to DRI’s standards and to set common safety goals.
  • We continuously learn and share knowledge.

Our Behaviours

  • I am responsible for my own safety; I keep myself and my colleagues safe.
  • I am informed about risk & control measures.
  • I approach others about working safely because I care.
  • I accept feedback about my safety behaviour because others care about my safety.
  • I act in case of unsafe operations, if required I stop the work.
  • I report unsafe situations, incidents and near-misses and learn from it.